Loc. Pozzo Basso, 1 38061 Ala (TN) - Italy
Enotour: 9 am - 6 pm (by reservation only)


What can be more exciting than sipping a glass of wine amidst the glades, woods and mountain farms that saw it grow?


We offer you a goblet and a map, to guide you through a “multi-sensory” journey that will take you to organized spaces we call islands. Your tasting will feature local products (cheese, cold cuts, bread…).


We want to tell you about the trails that traverse our farmland.

Mappa del Borgo

Each island is positioned next to the vineyard that produced that particular wine. A natural, balanced cycle that starts from the land, goes through the cellar and ends with your wine tasting and the memory of it that will stay with you.


We thought of suggesting a route that will help you to best appreciate the different wines produced by Borgo dei Posseri, but you are of course free to follow a route of your choice.


Enjoy your Enotour!

Taste our wines walking through the vineyards of the “Borgo”
Book the Enotour

If you want to book the Enotour for you (as a couple or in a group) use the form below. If you want to give an Enotour as a gift, buy a GIFT CARD.

€ 30 / person

(min. 2 people)

The price includes:

a goblet and a map
a basket of local products to accompany your tasting
consumption of our wines at the “islands” along the route

Due to the Covid19 pandemic, until further notice the number of participants for Enotour is limited to a maximum of 6 guests per group.
Groups depart one every half hour: once the Enotour has begun, guests can stay in the “Borgo” until 6 pm.

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